Sleep Supplement Review: PreSleep

Almost two months ago I was saying PreSleep was my favorite sleep supplement… and that stands to this day. PreSleep combines three of my favorite sleep supplements into one convenient powder: These three are highly synergistic and can be taken together almost every night. How do they work? Magnesium Glycinate Magnesium is an ion that … Read more

Supplement Review: Oral BPC-157

Body Protective Compound (BPC) 157 is a peptide well known for its healing effects. I had heard great things about it as an injectable, but was skeptical of how well the oral version would work. Simply put, this stuff works. And it works well How does it work? BPC possesses powerful healing properties that stem … Read more

Nootropic Review: Sabroxy

Nootropic Review: Sabroxy What it is How it works My protocol moving forward Over the past 2+ months Sabroxy has easily been my favorite nootropic Why? All the result of maximum dopaminergic signaling Sabroxy is a patented extract derived from the bark of the Oroxylum Indicum tree, containing a minimum 10% of the premier active … Read more

Nootropic Review: Rhodiola Rosea

What it isHow it WorksMy Protocol Moving Forward Rhodiola Rosea has a long history of use as an adaptogenic herb, well known for its anti-stress, anti-fatigue, and cognitive enhancing effects. Recent studies have even shown that it also boasts other medicinal properties including anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-depressive, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects.  On the surface it seems … Read more

My Current Supplement Experiments

Outlined below are all of the supplements/nootropics that I am currently experimenting with. Under each supplement there’s a few brief sections describing; This page will be updated weekly to include any new supplements, reviews, or update my experiences with a certain compound. If there’s anything you’d like to see included here that is not currently, … Read more

Nootropic Review: Huperzine-A

What it is How it works My protocol moving forward Huperzine-A is a prominent cognitive enhancing herbal supplement. It’s a naturally occurring compound, extracted from moss that has a long-standing history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. The mechanisms of Huperzine aren’t only enhancing, but also neuroprotective; this explains why it has been investigated for … Read more

Nootropic Review: B4

My experience with B4 overall has been phenomenal. Not only in scenarios that it was designed for, but others as well and I’m excited to finally share my experience. But first, What is B4? B4 is a nootropic formula specifically designed by Ramp Health to combat social anxiety. It combines 7 ingredients in a powder … Read more

Nootropic Review: L-Theanine

L-Theanine What it is How it works My protocol moving forward L-Theanine has a strong reputation as an anti-anxiety, sleep enhancing, and mood boosting supplement. It’s an amino acid found in green tea that is structurally similar to glutamate, the primary excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain. Because of its similarity to glutamate, theanine’s mechanisms primarily … Read more