Nootropic Review: Sabroxy

Nootropic Review: Sabroxy

What it is

How it works

My protocol moving forward

Over the past 2+ months Sabroxy has easily been my favorite nootropic


  • Laser focus
  • Unrelenting Motivation
  • Increased Neuroplasticity via BDNF

All the result of maximum dopaminergic signaling

Sabroxy is a patented extract derived from the bark of the Oroxylum Indicum tree, containing a minimum 10% of the premier active ingredient: Oroxylin A

Oroxylin A is a naturally occurring phytochemical that acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It inhibits the transporter located on dopaminergic neurons that are tasked with removing dopamine from the synapse after it’s been released.

Doing so leaves a higher concentration of dopamine in the synapse to bind to receptors, enhancing overall dopaminergic transmission.

In the brain, dopamine is heavily involved in the modulation of:

  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Learning
  • Motivation
  • Working Memory

By increasing the action of dopamine, you positively influence those listed above. You’re left with an enhanced mental state – primed with focus, motivation, and drive.

Oroxylin A was also shown to act as a GABAA antagonist in vitro. Antagonism of an inhibitory receptor like this would enhance neurotransmitter release generally, contributing to its stimulating effects.

My subjective Experience

My experience with Sabroxy was overwhelmingly positive. I’ve spent the last two and a half months getting a feel for it and dialing in my ideal dosing for it.

Is that overkill? Maybe, but I don’t like releasing a full review on something until my experience with it has been thorough, and I can share my full experience along with how I will use it moving forward.

In that time I tested doses ranging from 100mg-500mg on several occasions to get a decent idea of the effect each dosage has on me.

100mg was way too little. I barely felt anything, and if I did it was likely a placebo. I repeated this a few times to the same result.

200mg was where I started to feel something. It notably perks me up if I’m feeling slow and provides what I can only describe as an “obvious dopaminergic spike”.

300mg is where it got real. The note I made for myself when first taking this dose was “I just feel energized and ready to do sh*t”. This is the most consistent dose of the bunch, and is my lowest dose needed to achieve the desired effect, which is maximum focus and productivity.

400mg left me overstimulated the first time I tried. It was a bit too much and it even negatively impacted my productivity. At this point though it doesn’t have that effect, and  makes me feel like I was shot out of a cannon (mentally that is).

500mg is consistently too much for me. On the occasions I’ve taken 500mg I needed to pop 200mg of L-Theanine within a half hour to smooth it out (which is very effective). With theanine, this dose is spectacular for me, though I likely won’t go this high when taken by itself.

Sabroxy has noticeable effects for about 4 hours after taking. For this reason, I was able to sleep extremely well on days I took it when getting home from work.

However, if you want longer lasting all day effects you will have to take another dose after 3-4 hours. I found the second dose to not be as effective as the first (no shock), but a gram or two of L-Tyrosine can help bump up the effect of that second dosing.

Throughout my whole testing period I used Sabroxy 3 times a week maximum and I will continue to do so moving forward. It is a potent dopamine agonist, and I’m doing so to prevent any downregulation of my dopamine system.

At 3 times a week I’ve noticed no negative effects, though I likely won’t use it more than that.

Will I use it 4 times a week on occasion when I really need a push? Probably

However, it’s not something I am or plan to become reliant on to be productive.

My Protocol Moving Forward

Given that my experience experimenting with Sabroxy was incredible, it will be a staple for me moving forward. I will deploy it as needed/wanted under these general guidelines:

– When I want a bump in motivation/productivity (300mg)

– For deep work and when I really need to get sh*t done (500mg + 200mg Theanine)

Use of Sabroxy is pretty straight forward for me at this point. I’ve honed in the doses that are most effective for me and know exactly how much I want to use when I want to use it.

In the future I will also be testing Sabroxy as a part of various nootropic stacks due to how efficacious it is. If its this great by itself or with just theanine to support it, then it has to be insane when stacked with other nootropics.

Please note that these are the doses I found to work for me after almost 3 months of testing. If you choose to use Sabroxy for yourself, I recommend you start with the lowest possible dose and titrate up slowly.

Biology and neurobiology are not one size fits all, find what works for you.


In short, Sabroxy is awesome. No nootropic that I’ve tested so far has been able to match the obvious dopaminergic boost that this does, and for this reason it will be a permanent addition to my nootropic arsenal.

It’s highly effective, not very expensive, and boasts other benefits beyond its cognitive enhancement like reducing inflammation.

Supplementary Information

Brand used: Nootropics Depot

Form: Tablets

Method of Administration: Orally

Height & Weight for dosage comparison: 6’2, 190lbs

You can get the one I used here (affiliate link)

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