Supplement Review: Oral BPC-157

Body Protective Compound (BPC) 157 is a peptide well known for its healing effects. I had heard great things about it as an injectable, but was skeptical of how well the oral version would work.

Simply put, this stuff works. And it works well

How does it work?

BPC possesses powerful healing properties that stem from its angiogenic and nitric oxide boosting properties. Meaning it not only supports the formation of new blood vessels, but increases blood flow by promoting nitric oxide synthesis. This is likely why BPC has been shown to be so effective at attenuating brain and spinal cord damage after TBI, ischemic stroke, and spinal injury in animals.

BPC also has effects on the various neurotransmitter systems in the brain, including dopamine, GABA, and serotonin. It seemingly serves as a mood equalizer. In animal studies, it was effective at treating depression and even acted as a therapeutic for animals treated with amphetamine or Haloperidol. In this way, BPC-157 seems to be the ultimate restoration molecule. Helping those that take it heal and get back to a baseline.

In my personal experience, I’d have to agree.

My Personal Experience

My experience with BPC was overwhelmingly positive. I tried it out in the two main scenarios where I thought it would be the most effective:

– Long term use (1 month)

– Short term use (a few days)

Long Term Test

I chose to test the long term effects first, running a cycle that lasted 29 days.

I took 500mcg first thing upon waking on an empty stomach and another 500mcg right before bed every day (I did miss 3-5 doses total).

What did I notice during this cycle?

My joints felt better (namely a knee I had surgery on)

Almost a year before I started taking BPC I had surgery done to repair my meniscus. This is the second surgery I’ve had on this knee, first being an ACL reconstruction a few years back, so I was no stranger to feeling discomfort in this knee. For a while it was bugging me, aching and just generally bothering me, but it disappeared within 5 days of starting oral BPC.

Any aches and discomfort have been few and far between since I stopped this cycle almost 2 months ago.

More stable moods

This didn’t occur to me until after my cycle had ended, but my mood was incredibly stable throughout that whole month and even for some time after. It was very regulatory for me, and I experienced very few fluctuations in mood.

I credit this to the next point.

Impeccable and impenetrable gut health

My gut never felt better than while running BPC long term. I experienced no gastrointestinal distress whatsoever over the course of my cycle, including after treatment effects. 

That is, until I wrecked my gut while home for Christmas by eating terribly and drinking more alcohol than I did all of 2023 combined in one week. This inspired my short-term experiment that I will get to in a later section.

No interaction with dopaminergic nootropics

One of the more interesting findings in the scientific literature on BPC (in rodents) is the regulatory effect it seems to have on the dopamine system, rescuing animals from states of extraordinarily high or low dopamine.

I wanted to test this by using several doses of Sabroxy (a dopamine reuptake inhibitor) both on and off BPC and comparing the results. To my surprise, doses of Sabroxy felt exactly the same on and off; however, BPC still had an overall positive effect on my mood as mentioned above.

Going into this experiment I assumed there would be positive effects on my gut (I was taking a healing peptide orally after all), but I realized later that this compound has systemic effects in the brain and body.

I was skeptical about its effects in the brain when taken orally, but I was wrong. My theory is that it positively influences the brain by enhancing blood flow and improving gut health, therefore exerting a positive influence on the brain via the gut-brain axis.

Short Term Test

My short-term test was to fix my gut after screwing it up over the holiday. A week of eating poorly and drinking did me bad, even with elite gut health status going in.

I had saved 6 pills, a three day supply, for a later date to retest if BPC had any short term effects and I was blown away by the results.

When I started my mini experiment, I was off BPC for over a month and had a pretty brutal two weeks of gut health post-Christmas. My issues didn’t seem to go away, so it seemed like the perfect test for BPC.

One day in, I noticed nothing

Day two I felt a little worse (maybe I was cleaning out my insides lol)

Day three I started to feel better

But by the fourth day (morning after my last dose) my gut felt fantastic. It had made a complete 180 in the course of just 3 days. Ideally I would have had another few days worth to sure up my gut, but it worked wonders in just three days and six doses.

This test was what solidified BPC-157 as my #1 gut healing tool. The effects were undeniable to me at that point.

I didn’t notice any effects on mood or otherwise systemic effects while taking for such a short time.

How am I going to use BPC moving forward?

After the results of my short term experiment, I always plan to have some oral BPC on hand for any gut healing that I may need to do.

I don’t exactly plan for my gut health to deteriorate again any time soon, but I will have some on hand for if it does. When I need to do so, I will likely run it for at least a week to ensure optimal health before I stop.

On top of that, I will be running a yearly one month cycle for gut maintenance and healing. It should serve as a good ‘reset’, just as my first cycle did for me.

My BPC protocol moving forward:

– 7 days in a row to heal any gut damage/restore health

– 30 days in a row for maintenance once yearly

Dosing for both: 1000mcg dosed twice daily. 500mcg upon waking on an empty stomach, 500mcg before bed.


Based on my experience, the anecdotes I’ve heard, and studies in animals, BPC-157 seems to be the ultimate restoration tool out there right now. In my opinion, this peptide is going to go mainstream over the next few years. It’s all too effective not to.

For me, its effects when taken orally are undeniable, and I will be using this at least once yearly for the foreseeable future and plan to experiment with longer cycles in the future.

I’m yet to try an injectable version, though I have heard it is extremely effective at improving healing time. I only wish I had known about it when I had knee surgery.

The brand I used: Your Protocol

You can get it here (use code “neuron” for 10% off)

I am affiliated with this company, but they’re a 3rd party tested source that I trust

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